Talent applications may be acquired here online with a processing fee of $25.00 per talent. If you are applying for someone other than yourself, please indicate so in the space provided for additional notes. If you are applying for more than one talent, please be sure to adjust your order number. Application fees must be paid for all talents before applications can be processed.

Important! Please read disclaimer below before ordering talent application.

Management has the right to refuse any talent applications for representation. Also, we cannot work with talent who are currently living further than 1 1/2 hours away from the New York City area. Please do not submit an application if you live further than 1 1/2 hours away from NYC.

There is no refund on any talent applications for any reason. Please do not submit an application if you are not a serious actor. Parents for child actors must be available to take their children on auditions during the week. If parents cannot make this time commitment, please do not apply for representation.

All adult talent must have professional headshots in .jpeg format. Children talent need excellent pictures in .jpeg format. All talent need resumes in Microsoft Word .doc or .docx format. Instructions on resumes for starters can be found at DreamMakerTalent.com.

I have read the disclaimer. (Yes/No)
I live within 1.5 hrs. of the NYC area. (Yes/No)

Please be aware that if you purchase a Talent Application outside of normal business hours (10am-7pm Monday through Friday), you may not receive your Application until the following business day.

An Application will be emailed to you directly once we receive notification of payment, during business hours.

If for some reason you have not received your Application after 1 business day, feel free to contact us by email at dreammakertalent@aol.com.