Suggestions for Talent/Clients

Dream Maker Talent Management has suggestions so you and your child can have a rewarding and stress-free time during auditions. This also applies to adult talent.

The following are suggestions to help make our relationship as rewarding, professional and trouble-free as possible:

1. It is imperative that we have a talent application filled out for each client. We need yours or your child's social security card on file, along with two contact numbers (home, work & cell) and home address. Be sure to inform us if any of your numbers or address have been changed.

2. Please get us professional headshots ASAP! We always need a supply of these photos on file at any time. Update your pictures every six months or if your child has changed. Babies and toddlers 6 years old and younger do not need professional pictures. We can accept digital pictures since babies and children under six change appearances rather quickly.

3. You have to have access to an e-mail address, fax machine, computer and printer. We will e-mail you or fax the sides and character description for any TV or movie audition.

4. It is your responsibility to update your child's work permit every six months. Mail your renewal 3 weeks before the expiration to avoid any problems. Always bring your original work permit to every job.

5. You must open a blocked trust account for your child. You can do this at your bank. All instructions are on my website under Child's Permit to Work.

6. Most times you will need to bring a headshot and resume to your child’s audition. Always keep them handy just in case you are asked for one by the casting director.

7. Always let us know when you are unavailable so we can "book you out." We will not schedule any jobs or auditions on those days. If you have confirmed a job or audition and do not show up without calling we will no longer send you out. We must remain in good terms with our business associates and our clients reflect our professionalism. Canceling a booking is always an emergency. Once you have accepted a job you should be available it should be an absolute emergency if you cancel. It is extremely hard for the casting director to find a last minute replacement and they will never hire you or your child again.

8. Always be 10-15 minutes early for your auditions. Let us know if you are running late.

9. Keep a record of what your child wore on an audition - you will need to wear the same outfit for the call back.

10. Always sign in with your child's name, agency name and agency number; or we may advise you to sign in with your management information. Never sign in with your home number. Casting Directors will only contact agents and managers.

11. Kids should wear solid colors; no white or black and no prominent logos to auditions.

12. Younger children can get very restless while they wait for their name to be called for the audition. We suggest you bring a favorite book that you can read to your child, or maybe a fun card game you can play with your child. The experience must always be fun for your child. Your child must never feel stressed or competitive. They should just give it their best shot, have fun and move on.

13. Parents should always be supportive and never compare their child to other children there. Never make your child feel like they need to get the job or any sort of disappoint from you if they don't get the job. A child should never feel like it's a job. The child should want to do it because they enjoy being in front of camera's or being on TV. Never have your child audition for the wrong reasons. Like fame or money.

14. We'd love any feedback from you after the audition is over. Feel free to call us or e-mail us with any information.

15. Please do not call to ask if your child received a call back or got the job. We promise to call you as soon as we get any confirmation.

16. Commercials take approximately 6 weeks for payment; print jobs and non-union jobs can take up to 90-120 days. All SAG and AFTRA union jobs get paid within 12 days.

17. We get paid a 15% gross commission on both union and non-union jobs. We never charge an upfront fee for representing you. We only make money if you make money. In most cases payment will be sent to the agency where they will take out their commission. They will then mail the check to us where we will take out our 15% gross commission. The balance and all the paperwork will be mailed to you within 7 days of our receiving it. Remember if you book through an agent then the agent will get an additional 10% gross. Print agents make 20% of the gross.

18. Very important: Never call an agent or casting director with questions. If you have a question call management. Agents and casting directors will not take the call kindly and they may refuse to see you again. Management will be contacted by casting director or agent if their client contacts them and the call will not be pleasant, so please be sure never to call an agent or casting director.

19. Keep all receipts. Many things are tax deductible including commissions paid to agents and managers, gas/mileage to jobs and auditions, photos, copies, special wardrobe, training, etc. Contact a CPA for exact rules and allowable deductions.

20. Please be sure to inform management if you decide that you no longer are interested in being sent out. It's okay and we will understand. Some children and also adults need to take a break from auditioning. It's best to be totally honest with management then have us submit you or your child on auditions and you don't go on them.