"Olivia was WONDERFUL! She was so professional, so cooperative, and such a pleasure to work with. Thank you so, so much for everything!" Carolyn Volpe, Ph.D. Sesame Street Productions

"Hello Everyone, I'm back and just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work. I'm very proud to be a part of Dream Maker Talent. So with that being said I'm all ready to tackle the next booking!!!! :) " --Lawrence H Robinson (actor)

"Dear Ann Marie, I wanted to say thank you so much for your excellent work on my episode of Gotham. It was a real pleasure and I hope we get to do it again. All the best. " --Rob Bailey (director)

"Hey Maryann! Thank you soooo much. I truly appreciate you guys! # 1 DreamTeam " --Jamar (actor)

"Hey Maryann! Just finished my first day getting balls launched at me from a cannon. I had a blast AND I got my workout in without having to go to the gym ;). All of the staff were super nice and I think they enjoyed having me around. Thanks again for the booking! Have a great day " --Scott (actor)

"Hi Maryann, We want to thank Kaitlyn for giving such a great audition and callback. Although we are going with another person for the role would you please pass on that it was a pleasure getting to know her and that we think she is tremendously talented. Thank you again. " --Brian (casting director)

"Hi Maryann, I wanted to get in touch to let you know that A.J. has done a great job on 'TIARA' and we are at this point wrapped with all of the protesters. Thank you so much for everything and for being so helpful throughout this process. Thanks" --Lain (casting director)

"Hi Maryann, They were great - both of them, but especially Lucy. You were right, she's amazing. I deal with business owners on camera so often, it was an absolute pleasure to work with actors - not only real ones, but really good ones. Thanks again! " --Mark (producer)

"Hi Danny Garcia - Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much our crew enjoyed working with you. The footage looks great and everyone here is really happy with your performance. Great job - best of luck!! Thank you! Best, " --Lindsay Johnson, NBCUniversal | Peacock Productions

"Maryann, I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done with my career and auditions. I am sadly going to have to tell you that I am moving to Florida. You truly were an awesome agency and person and the staff have been nothing short of fantastic. Thank you for everything. See you in the MOVIES!!! " --Michael Kahwaty (actor)

"Just writing to thank you guys for all of your hard work, help and guidance. I am truly blessed to have you guys on my team and I appreciate every one of you. Because of you I have had the opportunity to film for both film and television and those experiences are priceless. Hopefully this is just the beginning of a very busy and fruitful journey. Thank you " --Jamar Greene (actor)

"Thanks so much Maryann! It was great talking to you today. Thanks for working so hard to continue Timothy's advancement just like your talented star son has been achieving. We will definitely do our best and take your recommendation. It is great news that an actor sometimes has this kind of "dilemma" That means they must be on the right track. Yes I am amazed that Timothy has the joy, desire, and discipline to perform. Besides the great credential it has provided Timothy, The King and I has been a great opportunity for Timothy to learn so many things as well in acting, theater, singing, and so on. It is truly a joy and honor to be represented by you and Dream Maker Talent to have these opportunities and achieve his dream. " --Bruce (parent of a child actor)

"Richard had a great audition. They decided to go a different way and it really just came down to type. The director wanted Bumper to know that he hopes to work with him on something down the road... " --Anne (Anne Teutschel - Casting)

"Maryann, The Chief shoot went great. I actually coordinated with the producer and was able to come back to NYC Friday night after my fitting and enjoy my bachelor party (on a much scaled-down level), and come back Saturday morning. So it all worked out on all levels. I also got to meet and hang out with your other client Danny, so that was great. Great guy, and it made us both proud that we both booked the job and are represented by you. So kudos to that! Thanks " --Ian Dunn (actor)

"Hi Maryann! And Dream Maker family! I just wanted to send a quick email! I'm really thankful for you taking me under your wing with your team! I've been having a blast this year !!! Being my first manager ! It's really been amazing just wanted to thank you ! And not a day goes by with out me being grateful for the hard work Dream maker has been putting in. Thanks again! keep those auditions coming I'll keep doing my job haha! Much love to the whole Team at Dream Maker thank you !!! " --Derek Zuzunaga (actor)

"To Ian Dunn (actor), Your audition was KILLER (without hyperbole one of the best auditions I've ever seen in 18 years of doing this), and so I am particularly excited to meet you and work with you. Come prepared to play and we shall have a great time." --Eric Blue (Director)

"Please know that Eric was an absolute delight to have on set. We'd love to work with him again. ;)" --Katie Ryan, Production

"We loved working with Rita Rehn, she was fabulous. And look forward to seeing her again." --Molly Flynn, Production @ Boomagers

"Just wanted to thank you both for your care. You work hard and it's all sort 'on consigment,' I know we have not hit yet and although it is frustrating to me, it must affect you as well... it does not go unfelt or unnoticed on my end. You are appreciated!" -- Sincerely and with love, Michael K, Actor

"We are moving to Michigan. You have been wonderful to work with. Thank you very much for the many opportunities you've provided. It's Kirsten's desire to attend college and pursue acting in New York. If she returns to the area in a couple of years, she would very much like to re-engage your management. We sincerely look forward to staying in touch." --With heartfelt gratitude, Corinna and Kirsten (Mom of child actor)

"Just wanted to let you know that the shoot went well on Monday. Thank you so much for getting me that audition. It was just thrilling to work on Boardwalk Empire!" --Mary Murphy, Actor

"Riana had a blast with the Disney Commercial. They even asked her to be a fan. She wasn't part of the audience so she got to say a couple lines and play a game. Thanks for submitting Riana for this job!" --Maggie, Mom of child actor

"Just wanted to let you know that I just wrapped my third and final day of the Touchstone shoot. The crew was so lovely and it was a great few days of filming. I also got to work with Adam! It's always nice to meet other members of the Dream Maker family. As always, thanks for all the opportunities! You're truly the best! Here's to the next one...!" --Stephanie Dunbar, Actor

"Shooting on The Nest Feature Film yesterday was AWESOME. Tina Fey is extremely nice, warm and very generous to the other actors in a scene with her. I can't thank you enough for getting me this gig. You guys are truly awesome and I appreciate you. Keep It Simple!" --Leila Babson, Actor

"Thank you so much for your help! Candace was an utter professional and did a fantastic job for us. She was cooperative and easy to work with. We hope to get more girls of her caliber from your agency." --Jay Blanda, Cleaver Animated LLC

"You are a godsend and amazing! I've been on pins and needles waiting for responses and now I can breath a little easier. Thanks!" --Eric Capstick, Casting Director

"It was so nice meeting you and Nikki Blonsky. She is absolutely adorable and such a sweetheart. We are excited that she is a fan of the network! Sounds like she has a lot of great stuff coming up. The network really likes her and we will be sure to keep her in mind for future projects." --Jenna Rosa, E! Networks

"She is absolutely adorable. I would love to send her out for commercials and print." --Vanessa Gracia, CESD Talent Agency

"The twins are adorable and had great personalities!! We would love to send them out for commercials and print if they are interested..." --Jason Bercy, CESD Talent Agency

"Thanks, Maryann. Your help in casting this job was very significant. Of the 10 actors we hired, 6 came from your group... I don't get that many of these but I will certainly alert you to any jobs where we are looking to hire talent in the future..." --Eric Capstick, Casting Director

"It went very well, we’re happy to have found Andrea Sadler through you, thanks so much! We have her headshot and resume on file now, I’ll contact you if we ever need her again. Thanks and have a great weekend!" --Sarah Sweeney, Casting Director

"I'm leaving NY. Thank you sooooo very much for being such a sweetheart with me... it's been a true pleasure working with you and very proud to be represented by you. Best of luck, Mwah!" --Jainmy Martinez, Actress/Model

"You're the best. I am very glad we work together. Thank you Maryann." --Misti Garritano, Actress

"Thanks, Maryann. Like working with you. You’re fast and up to everything." --Jane, Casting Director, Halls of Ivy

"Ania was great she was an absolute pleasure to work with and her mom was so nice and helpful. Thanks again for your help!" --Raisa, JLP Studios

"Maryann is a well-respected manager, well-connected and a warm and caring person who wants to develop talent and steer young careers as well as established, working actors. She is fantastic." --Theresa Morelli, Parent of child talent

"Hi Maryann, I just want to say Thank You for thinking of Dominic for the Cuisinart job. It was a great experience and so much fun. Everyone there couldn't have been nicer!!! Thank you..." --Maria Conoshenti, Parent of child talent

"Myla loved it soooo much! Everything went smooth and the people were really great. Finally working in a 'real commercial job' has Myla really jazzed about her career! Thank you for your constant support." --Mary, Parent of child talent

"Maryann... pleasure to work with you." --Toni Roberts, Toni Roberts Casting, Ltd

"What a doll! Shannon did a very good read, I would love to have her." --Marion, Frontier International Booking Agency

"Hi Maryann, Thank you for giving my daughter the opportunity to be on the set of 30 Rock. She had lots of fun and it was a wonderful experience. Please if you have anything keep her in mind. Thanks again for everything, you've been great!" --D. Sookhoo (JETO), Parent of child talent

"Maryann, it was a pleasure working with you, as well! Thanks for everything! Talk soon..." --Allison Cohn, Casting

"Great, Thanks, Maryann! I love how organized you are. It makes my job so much easier. :)" --Melanie Briggs, Melanie Briggs Casting, LLC

"Great! Thanks, Maryann. If only all managers were as organized as you." --Jeff Romeo, Meltzer Media Productions

"Hey, Maryann. It was great to do some print work. I've never done that before, so this will be a great add-on to my resume. Thank you again for this amazing opportunity! You're the best!" --Scott, Comedic actor

"Hey, Maryann, I had a great experience working on this movie. Learned a lot, laughed a lot, and got the opportunity to work in an extremely creative and supportive environment with some really great talent, all of whom I would love to work with again in the future. And none of it would have been possible without you! Thanks again for everything. Talk to you soon." --Vanessa, Actress

"Hi, Maryann. Everything went really well on Tuesday. Misti was an absolute pleasure to work with and I wouldn't hesitate to use her again. Thank you again..." --Will, Director/Production

"Thanks Maryann! So organized, I love it :) Thanks for all the help with this casting!" --Melanie, Melanie Briggs Casting, LLC

"It was a pleasure working with Elena and your company. She was a true professional on set and came on time with a great attitude. We will definitely be calling her again in the future. Thanks again!" --Debony Miller, Producer, Concepts TV Productions

"Maryann, Danielle had a great time at the job (commercial shoot) today. The other kids were great, and they really had a lot of fun playing the game! They were told the commercial should air starting mid to late September, ending late December (holidays). They also used her hands for shots requiring just a pair of hands handling the game. She really enjoyed herself. She also recognized the director from the Paper Jamz shoot. Thanks again! Let's hope for some more!" --Liz, Parent of Child Talent

"Hey Maryann, Met with Paige... Loved her... Thanks!" --Jenevieve, Agent, About Face Agency

"Maryann: You are totally good people. Thanks for telling me, but I was the one who gave Rebecca your number to call and lock your client in. I will always be on the lookout for your submissions when I cast. Once again THANK YOU!!!!!" --Roger Paul, Casting Director, Roger Paul Inc.

"Gabriel K. was GREAT. A real trooper. She took direction well from the Director and was a pleasure to work with." --Jay Schweid, Vicart Entertainment Casting

"It was so much fun! They gave me and Armani lines in the group shot, and they asked me to stay after lunch and gave me another line. The crew was so nice and it was such a great experience. Thank you!!!" --Sophie Parens, Teen Actress

"It was so fun, I did an interview on bullying, acted some lines, answered more questions, and then finished with a group shot of us smiling and singing the last line. The director said I did great. :))) I had a blast--did you know Coca Cola was on board with this PSA (I think they're funding it)? I answered a couple questions on Coca Cola too. Also me and Sophie had so much fun. She's really nice." --Armani Del Rio, Teen Actor

"Hi Maryann... We had a really great day. Myla had so much fun and can't wait for the next one. She got quite a bit of lens time during the morning shoot. When they wrapped the morning session, they asked us and the other "Marino's" to stay and shoot the lunch/restaurant scene, too, so that was really fun! We finished around 2-2:30. Everyone was so nice and they treated us so well. They said sometime this summer, they'll send a DVD cut for us, also!!! It was really another great experience, and Myla and I thank you so much for your constant attention and support! We always look forward to the next call and just love seeing Dream Maker pop up when the cell phone rings! Best regards..." --Mary (and Myla), Parent of child talent

"Maryann, I want to send you a huge, sincere thank you for booking me on today's World Astonishing News gig! I really appreciate it! Today was the easiest day at work I have ever had! Thank you! I look forward to working with you again soon! Take care..." --Ari Barkan, Actor

"Hello Ms. Raposo, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for giving me the opprotunity to work on "World's Astonishing News". I had a very enjoyable time and got to work with some very lovely people. I do hope that in the future, if you are looking for actresses, that you will keep me in mind. It was a pleasure. Thank you, and I hope to work with you soon." --Petra Seirmarco, Actor

"Hey there, just wanted to thank you for helping to make the Pfizer photo production such a success. Xiara de Yanna Duran was super impressive on set. She was better than a lot of adult talent from what I've heard! Congrats on repping such a fantastic talent. We hope to work with Xiara again soon. Best..." --Suzanne, RedPenny Production

"Hi Maryann, Thank you so much for yesterday. Joseph really appreciated it. He was called in about 3:00 PM, by 3:07 PM they had all the shots they needed. He did an excellent job and the staff applauded for him and said what a wonderful job he did. I was very proud of him and we made it home in time to cheer Andrew on for his baseball game. Thanks for working so hard for them!!" --Fran, Parent of Child Talent

"Dear Maryann & Helene, I want to thank you both, as always, for connecting me to opportunities like today's audition for Certain Dri. Dan and his colleagues were professional and courteous, and I hope to have the opportunity to work with them! We had an interesting chat about my other work, so hopefully, they'll call me in for the 11th. Please keep me in the loop regarding this and future castings. I had a lovely road trip to the studio and would be glad to return." --Molyneau D., Actor

"Lucy & Andrea were truly a joy to work with and I hope to work with both them and you again." --Etan Harwayne-Gidansky, Writer/Director/Producer

"Hi Maryann, We were all very pleased with Christina S. she was a pleasure on set. Very patient and took direction very well. A real talent indeed! Thanks again..." --Dan Sladkus, Owner of DEG, Inc.

"Hi Maryann, Thank you again for your support and your kindness. Robert Spence was amazing! I look forward to working with you again in the very near future." --Carlo Pisapia, Movie Casting Director

"Hi Maryann, I want to thank you again for the Johnson and Johnson job, and I wanted to let you know that I received the payment. It's always a pleasure hearing from you and now working for you. And I look forward to booking a lot more! All my best..." --Ingrid, Actor

"LADIES! Book of Mormon audition was STELLAR. Honestly the best audition I've ever had. I felt like I couldn't have done any better!!! She had me sing twice, the second time around in a much higher key.. Then we worked through sides a few times in a row, all with really big positive reaction and feedback. All in all, it was a REALLY great experience and so rewarding to do so well for the biggest musical in the world right now. Thank you, thank you!!!!!!!" --David Piazza, Actor

"Hi Maryann and Helene, I just wanted to thank you both one more time for coming to see Andrew yesterday afternoon. I don't know many Talent Managers that make the time to go and watch the talent they represent as well as taking time to meet with their families. To my wife and I, that really means a lot and we are very grateful to have you both watching out for our child's best interests and his development. We spoke with Andrew last night about the dance lessons you suggested and the short of it is, we will be contacting Broadway Dance soon to see what the recommend and what we can fit into our schedule. I will let you know if we enroll him in some classes or workshops. I hope the remainder of the year Dream Maker has record breaking bookings (and hopefully a booking or two will go Andrews way). Talk to you both soon. Kind regards..." --Michael Greiche, Parent of Child Talent

"It was a pleasure working with Billy Recce. He is great!" --Heather Tenzer, Gefilte Fish Films

"Thank you! Armani DelRio is a true gem!!!!" --Rob York, Producer of THE TALE OF TIMMY TWO CHINS Short Film

"Thank you for the kind words. We enjoyed having Elena on set." --Joe Zimmermann, Director, DScape Interactive, LLC

"Hi Maryann, Thanks for the twins, Emily & Gabriela K. The client really loves them :) !!!" --Eric De Cordova, Casting Director/Production Manager

"Hi Maryann... Had a fabulous time today at the shoot!! Chris is great fun and we worked well together I thought. We got to sleep in a bed and hang in a hot tub... Not too bad! Thanks!!" --Laura Bozzone, Actor

"Helene, I'm enjoying my time with you and Maryann as my representation! Here's to a great year ahead. We're a good fit." --Jeffrey Perri, Actor

"The shoot went very well, Candace Bryant was great!" --Lauren Sageer, Producer, Third Strand LLC

"Thanks Maryann! Everyone was so amazingly generous, I had a blast! I would definitely love to work with this production team again... Thank you for all the great auditions and opportunities." --Sam, Actor

"Hey Maryann! Many props to you for being so on top of my booking and really taking care of me. I can't tell you how much it's appreciated and honestly how much it's needed. So thank you thank you thank you!" --Olivia Bosek, Actor

"Hi Maryann, Olivia Bosek is a fantastic person both to work with and to know. A complete professional, we were honored to have her with us." --Collin M. Smith, Producer

"Hi Maryann, I had the most amazing time on the documentary shoot. Such a HUGE learning experience for me. I am SO glad you convinced me to stay and do it. Thank you thank you thank you!" --Chelsea Gonzalez, Actor

"I just wrapped on what is going to be an amazing documentary called "Kathie Disappears" directed by the award winning Andrew Jarecki. This was one of the most amazing experiences of my career. I learned so much doing this project, which I am thankful for since I am relatively new to the tv/film industry. Thank you so much to my amazing managers Maryann Raposo and Helene Sperber for helping me achieve this amazing opportunity!" --Lindsay Sperber, Actor

"Hi Maryann, We finished the shoot one day ahead of schedule and I'm on my way home now! I had such a wonderful experience. The crew was so welcoming and inviting. We had so many laughs and got along great. It was too much fun! I think the director Jim Tober will be emailing you as well to let you know how it went. Thank you again so much for the opportunity! None of this would be at all possible without you. You're the best!! Thanks..." --Stephanie Dunbar, Actor

"Stephanie did a fantastic job. She caught on immediately. She could have a good acting future if she gets the right breaks." --James Tober, Director

"Hi Maryann, Everything was great! Hannah & Billy from U Direct were fantastic & on top of everything changing reservations, booking a hotel etc. Extremely accommodating & efficient with the schedule. They were great to work with. Thank you..." --Chrissy Laboy, Actor

"Thank you kindly, Maryann. It was a pleasure working with both Chrissy Laboy and Misti Garritano, the footage looks great." --Billy Agate, Production Manager, U Direct Productions

"Hi Maryann, I meant to call you after the shoot but got distracted by life. It went really well. What a great bunch of people! Really a wonderful experience. The company that produced the video is relatively new, 5 months old but they are super nice and seem to have many gigs. Good people to work with. Thanks again..." --Andrea Sadler, Actor

"Hey Maryann... The shoot was a super cool day. The commercial was shot at the director's beautiful home in Locust Valley. The talent was just me, Katey, and Chrissy (also your client), doing a bunch of odd jobs around the house with various skill tools. So we're going to be pretty featured in this spot. Everyone on the crew was great, and we were done by 2:00, so it was a great day. Thanks for getting us in there!" --Kevin Russo, Actor

"Hey, Maryann, I have the sides and will be there. Perfect role for me. Looks like a great cast, and Bob Balaban directing-Wow! And if I don't get this role, maybe I can get cast as John Goodman's stand-in, ha. OK, I will let you know how it goes. Thank you, as always, for the great opportunities. Talk soon..." --Daniel, Actor

"Dear Maryann... Ever since graduating I have always had two passions that I wanted to pursue. One being performance and the other being design. At this point in my life and career I am choosing to go the design route and commit myself full time to that. I do not want to waste your time nor Dream Maker Talent's time. The past year and couple months we have been together have truly been unbelievably great, and the commitment you give to your clients is golden." --Jeffrey T. Perri Jr., Actor

"Maryann, It was such amazing day yesterday!! What a wonderful shoot. Thank you so much for this opportunity! I also became fast friends with JC. Love him!!!! Attached is a pic of me in my costume-which was insane and amazing. Thanks again..." --Mel Brook, Actor

"To (talent): I wanted to reach out to you to let you know that everyone is quite thrilled with our shoot from last Thursday--you were quite patient and so talented, so I wanted to thank you. The client is raving, my account team is loving you, and Bob, my DP, mentioned, unprompted, how professional and talented you are. We are thrilled with your attitude and delivery, and the shoot is far and away the best part of the spot we're creating for sure." --Jon Abels, Senior Multimedia Director

"Maryann, I sincerely can't express how grateful I am for you. You kept believing in me when I didn't in myself and I will never forget that. I truly believe that this will be the beginning of a great ride and I can't imagine going through it with someone else. You are awesome!" --Fernando Mateo, Jr., Actor

"Thanks, Maryann. Everything went really well today and everyone was very pleased with Lawrence and Christina. They did an amazing job! Thanks, as usual, for making it easy." --Will Macgill, Director, Production - Macy's Satellite Network

"Thank you so much for making today go so well and for providing the fabulous talent. I'm sure the video is going to be great! Looking forward to seeing it!" --Nancy Gallagher, Manager Tourism Partnerships, Tourism Marketing and Development - Macy's Inc.

"Hi, Maryann, I'm going to be sending you a holiday card thanking you for this year, but I really have to say - you guys have really changed my life, and I'm so grateful to you for everything you've done for me. Every time you email me with an audition, I smile a little and think I'm a working actor." --Brandi Bravo, Actor

"Hey, Maryann... I want to thank you so much for all the great opportunities you have given me this year. I brag all the time about what a great manager I have and all the work she has been doing on my part. Your belief in me and your support is very much appreciated." --Daniel Cox, Actor "Hi, Maryann... Today's booking was a success. I had an amazing time. Thank you so much!" --Shantay, Actor

"Farewell... It was great working with you. You are such a great person and one of my favorite managers." --Stephanie Clarke, Head Booking Agent, Adult division Product Agency

"Brennan Spector & Danielle Stefania--Both were fantastic! Thanks again, Maryann..." --Ken Lazer, Casting director

"Hi, Maryann, Chelsea Gonzalez here. I am at the Miami airport and just finished the three day shoot with tk-digital. I just wanted to let you know that this ended up being one of my most positive shooting experiences EVER. The crew was so on top of it, everyone was wonderful to work with, and I really feel like I got close with the production company. Thank you so much for this audition and all you do. Had such an amazing three days!!" --Chelsea Gonzalez, Actor

"I just want to say thank you for all the audition opportunities you've been giving me so far I'm really truly grateful. All the talent and drive in the world is still not good for much if someone doesn't help you get your foot in the right door and get your face in front of the right people, which I'm highly aware of, so thank you for everything!" --Adrian Corrie, Actor

"Hi Maryann... Just finished my third audition for the day all because of the appointments you booked for me. I love days like this and I just wanted to thank you so much for continuing to submit me for roles. When I checked in for the Tresumme audition the casting director who auditioned me saw Dream Maker on my resume and started raving about you for 5 minutes straight. She said she has absolutely loved being in contact with you. It was so great to hear and I thought you would like to know that. Anyway, just thought I'd let you know how much I appreciate the work you put in for me." --Chelsea Gonzalez, Actor

"Thank you so much Maryann! It truly means the world to us that we're liked by you! We couldn't have asked for a better Manager :) Thanks for always submitting us." --Cindy and Marc, Actors

"Hey Darling, Happy Monday! I just want you to know the callback for Fiddler On The Roof was awesome. Thank you so much for all the great opportunities you have provided. You guys are just wonderful!" --Sheri Sanders, Actor